Japan’s Takuma Sato’s Victory in the Indy500 Triggers a “Racist” Response

The May 28th weekend was an exciting one, filled with more races than you could dream for. Amidst the glory and competition, however, there was a small stain on the weekend. There is social media backlash against a columnist for the Denver Post, Terry Frei, who made racist remarks about a Japanese winner, Takuma Sato, of the coveted Indy 500 on Memorial Day.

Oh Terry, stating your disdain or offense at a “Japanese” driver winning a race is very personal, at least to the many fans of the sport. Racing is a global sport, and each driver brings a vast amount of different experiences, and may be one of the best things about motorsports. Perhaps Terry doesn’t realize that formula cars date as far back in Japan as 1963, where the first Japanese Grand Prix was held in the Formula 1 league. What about the drivers from other nations such as Castroneves, Dixon, Pagenaud? Are they not allowed to win at certain races?

Although the writer apologized for his remarks, he was later let go, with a statement from the news company stating, “The tweet doesn’t represent what we believe nor what we stand for.”