What to bring to your first racing event

So, you’re headed to your first racing event, bags are packed, and you’re waiting for the sun to rise to head off to the tracks. Well, before you head to your first race event, remembering to bring some key items listed below will ensure a great first race.

1. Earplugs

One thing most first time race goers may not consider is the races are very loud! These cars thunder by with the roar of a thousand wailing demons. In all seriousness, NASCAR races can achieve noise levels up to 96 decibels. which is two to 10 times higher than a person working a 40-hour week at the maximum allowable limit of 85 decibels according to hear-it.org. We recommend bringing ear plugs with the wires attached to each other so they don’t get lost as you walk about during the day.

2. Sun protection

Races last hours, and grandstands often do not provide shade in certain areas. Not only that, there are lots of outdoor activities at racing events, from food trucks, to live bands, and everything in between. Be sure to bring sunglasses and sunblock to keep the sun away. A towel may even be good to keep your head out of the sun.

3. Binoculars

Depending on where you sit, and the race track, you may not be able to see all the action happening across the park. Even with giant screens, some crucial moments may be missed. With binoculars, you’ll be able to catch more of the action from the grandstands. While not a big requirement, it’s always nice to have a pair with you!

4. Poncho/Rain protection

Bad weather doesn’t stop a race with the exception of stock car races due to the safety concerns. When it does rain, however, you want to be prepared and be able to continue watching the race without being drenched. Umbrellas will bring unwanted attention from the people behind you who can’t see over them, so a poncho is ideal in keeping you dry, and not blocking the view of fans behind you.

5. Cushion

This is probably more optional than required, but if you have issues sitting on hard benches for hours, a seat cushion is a lifesaver. Grandstands aren’t often the most comfortable seats, made entirely of hard plastic or metal.

6. Backpack

Now you have all this stuff to bring, but nowhere to put it in. I highly advise a backpack to bring along with you, so you can store not only the items mentioned but any other miscellaneous items you may have such as water, towel, etc.

Now that you’re all set, go and enjoy the races with the thousands of fans who visit the tracks each year, happy racing!