Before booking your first race event

Before you get to your racing event, you’ll need to first book your race! After picking out a race you’d like to go see, remembering a few tips and tricks below will help ensure you have a great experience.

1. Seat Location

This is an important factor that will determine if you’re going to be in front of the action or if you will hear about it through the announcer. Each track has specific turns and locations where the most action may occur, such as a straight away for passes, and tight turns which has likelihood of accidents.

Once you locate the turns and areas where the most action happens, we recommend you sit closest to the outside in the direction the cars are coming from and as high up as you can go. This ensure you get the best view of the action without other race goers getting in the way.

2. Paddock and VIP access

Races have different ticket prices depending on what extras and seating arrangements you prefer. It is very common to have special paddock access, which grants fans with the chance to get up close and personal with the cars. It is a must-go experience at least once.

Also, there are often VIP seats reserved at various points of the race which may serve beverages, food, and other special services for a fee.

3. Hotels and travel

Don’t forget to have transportation on hand before arriving. Some race tracks are near populated cities so transportation may not be an issue. However, there are some tracks in the U.S that are a little further out of the city and may require additional travel accommodations. Look to have your transpiration covered before showing up to the race!

There are often travel packages that include seats, hotel, and travel between hotel and race track from various ticket vendors.

Once everything is booked, we recommend you check out our blog on what to bring on race day!